Magnus Andersson – Arturo Tallini

Magnus Andersson, one of the most known guitarists for contemporary music,  founded the guitar class in Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt.

Arturo Tallini and Andersson created a duo in which the most extreme aspects of contemporary music produce an astonishing concert (improvisation, open structures, reciting, complex music by Lachenmann).

The debut concert was in 2010 at Santa Cecilia conservatory, and in this concert was created a project that goes from rigorous to visionary aspects of playing.

The duo has been playing concerts in Sweden, Italy, USA.


Programme n. 1

M.. Pisati – Chahack, for guitar, baroque guitar and audiotrack

B. Ferneyhough – No time (at all)

B. Maderna – Serenata per un satellite

H. Lachenmann – Salut für Caudwell

C.Sanchez-Gutierrez – Duo Canonico


Programme n. 2

B. Maderna – Serenata per un satellite

H. Strinberg – Ung

F. Donatoni – Algo II

M. Q Larsen – Duel Ukulel, for 2 ukulele

F. Svensson – Grind, for 2 ukulele

S. Bussotti – Ultima Rara, for voice and guitar

C. Sanchez-Gutierrez – Duo Canonico