Santa Cecilia Conservatory

Since 1994 Arturo Tallini has been teaching in Italian conservatories: G. da Venosa Conservatory in Potenza, Respighi Conservatory in Latina and from 2007 Conservatory in Santa Cecilia in Rome.

Some of the most interesting Italian young guitarists have been studying at his class: Martina Barlotta, Gian Marco Ciampa (diploma and 2nd Level M.A. Course in “Contemporary Music Interpretation), Andrea De Vitis (2nd Level M.A. Course in “Contemporary Music Interpretation), Jacopo Lazzaretti, Flavio Nati (diploma and 2nd Level M.A. Course in “Contemporary Music Interpretation), Marina Tomei, Francesco Dominici and many others.

In Santa Cecilia, he founded the 2nd Level M.A. Course in “Contemporary Music Interpretation where he taught and was the coordinator.

He conducts a contemporary music ensemble “Tempo Caduto” at Santa Cecilia Conservatory.

As part of the didactic work in the Biennium, Arturo Tallini created the Biennium of Concert Practice. It aims to provide interested students with tools to face a possible concert profession.

The two-year Concert Practice program is characterized by the emphasis given to public performances, providing for 3 concerts during the year (the third of which constitutes the official final exam).
The two-year period includes: 4 course concerts (2 for each year) to be held at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory, or at external institutions that may be available, at times of the year to be established, 2 final concerts, one for each year.

Each concert presents a theme or a characterization (A star ration made by the student, contemporary pieces, pieces by J. S. Bach, A piece communicated by the teacher a month before, etc.).

Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia

International Academy of Imola

In 2019 the prestigious International Academy of Imola, Italy, activated the master degree and PHD courses in Guitar, Strings, Piano, Flute, Chamber music and Composition: this is a unique situation in Europe, for the excellent level and the chances for the students.

The students can choose to split their lesson hours between the guitar professors (or just only one) and attend international masterclasses.

The Academy organizes concerts with students and guarantees them scholarships. The Academy cooperates with many institutions in China, Japan, Belgium, Australia, United States.


Info: www.accademiapianistica.org
+39 0542 30802

International Academy of Imola

Accademia Praeneste - Rome

Arturo Tallini holds the Annual Masterclass at Accademia Praeneste in Rome. It includes 10 teaching periods within the academic year.
In 2018-19 the Accademia organizes many concert possibilities for the participants: Accademia collaborates with the International Guitar Competition Michele Pittaluga, International Guitar Festival el Barraco (Spain), Europa Musica, Municipality of Monterotondo (Rome), A.Gi.Mus., Medici Senza Frontiere, Alberto Sordi Foundation in Rome and other institutions that offer concert opportunities to the students.

Accademia Praeneste

Short Courses

Arturo Tallini is regularly invited to teach in Italian conservatories and European Universities; also he teaches in several summer courses:


Bassano del Grappa, in the north: www.campusdellearti.eu

Amici del Campus delle Arti